Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall or Halloween Cake Pops

I decided to go with Fall colors, ghosts, footballs and pumpkins. I didn't want to do anything too scary. The Fall colors gave me an excuse to use peanut butter and butterscotch candy coatings. They taste amazing! I wish I had some ready right now, LOL. My friend Andressa Hara of Twinkle Twinkle Little Party was nice enough to photograph my Fall pops with her professional camera and I think they came out fantastic! What do you think?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

August was Awesome with 3 features including Amy Atlas

My first feature was on Amy Atlas,, thanks to Twinkle Twinkle Little Party for styling and photographing the amazing Strawberry Photo Shoot where my strawberry cake pops were honored to attend along with the goodies of other talented ladies! I received news of this while on my way to the gym and I was beside myself. Please check them both out on Facebook where they each have a strong fan base. The next feature came on that same day from a Facebook page in Australia, Party Inspirations ! At this point I was really flipping out, lol. I was really excited because my number 4 fans are in Australia! The last feature was on Catch My Party and what I love about this site is you can see the most details from our party and it has lots of pics! So please check out these links, you will not be disappointed! STAY TUNED: ANOTHER FEATURE COMING NEXT WEEK

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Norma's Sweet Treats on Facebook

LIKE my new Facebook PAGE, Norma's Sweet Treats, so you can get pictures of my latest cake pop designs delivered to you, right on your news feed. These days I find myself first putting new designs on my Facebook PAGE. For example, yesterday I created a new baby design, snapped a picture and quickly posted it to Facebook. My son looks at the babies and says, "Mom, you should do a hospital nursery." I think about it for a minute, to see how I can display them laying down instead of upright, and the light bulb goes off! We go to the store to buy something so I can achieve my goal. Came home, did my thing and posted the picture on Facebook during the evening. By the time I went to bed it had reached 100 people! I was very pleased with my Quads sleeping in the Nursery. If you want to see them please go to my Facebook page and LIKE. I am trying to get 400 LIKES and that is the best compliment you can give me. Thank you, gracias, спасибо, dank, merci, grazie, obrigado ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Fun Cake Pops

Beach theme cake pops or river tubing cake pops, you decide. Whatever you choose this summer stay cool. Remember to wear sunscreen and reapply every hour! And most important stay hydrated by drinking water. Enough of that, this is not my nutrition blog, LOL. For sure these will be a hit at your next Luau or Beach theme party. Best part is no need for forks or plates! Thanks for visiting my blog and help me reach 400 fans by going to Facebook and LIKING my PAGE,

Baseball Cake Pops

Let's play ball! For all those baseball or softball fans in your life, I'm sure they would like to receive these baseball cake pops. A little play then a little treat for a happy ending. You don't need plates or forks for this dessert. Thanks for visiting my blog and help me reach 400 fans by going to Facebook and LIKING my PAGE,

Graduation Cake Pops

My take on graduation cake pops. Of course, cap and tassel can be the color of your choice. I included pink rose cake pops for the graduate for a special touch. For a fun touch I can add a smiley face on the graduate, or a frown LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog and help me reach 400 fans by going to Facebook and LIKING my PAGE,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Norma Your Nutritionist turned Cake Pop Artist

In this economy you must evolve, otherwise you're gonna be left behind. Like the saying goes, "when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade". I am a nutritionist turned Food Crafter AKA Cake Pop Artist. I have had a love for baking since my first Home Economics course in 6th grade. For now, I'm sticking with cake pops, cookie pops, and pretzels sticks to name a few.

Please click on the above link to take you to my YouTube channel, . By the way, while you're there, check out my nutrition videos. It's not everyday a nutritionist gives away her knowledge. You can also find nutrition information on my nutrition blog:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers Cake Pops

For Easter I got busy making bunnies, chicks, baskets and Easter eggs all made out of cake pops, what else. I also made chicks and bunnies in cookie pops. I need to find some tweezers to apply all those tiny decorations because my hands could use the help. Don't worry I won't use my personal hygiene tweezers, yuck! Sorry but I had to dispel any ill thoughts, lol.

What is new this month are May Flowers for all the April showers that we haven't gotten yet, at least not so much here in Florida. I am not complaining because I can enjoy a gloomy, rainy day! So for my first set of flowers I used candy corn for the petals and M & M centers. I did make some other ones with some Mike & Ike candy. Funny because I haven't shopped the candy aisle in years (except for chocolate) and these days I find myself brainstorming ideas in the candy aisle. How things have changed.

So remember Mother's Day is around the corner and they would love a bouquet of May Flower cake pops!

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March Madness Cake Pops, go UK Wildcats

March Madness had me going to watch parties to cheers my University of Kentucky Wildcats so I got busy creating cake pops. I made Wildcats (Grrr) and basketballs. They were so good since they were made with carrot cake and the candy coating was peanut butter! It was a great combo!

I made Nutter Butter Flip Flop because we (UK) are
so good we can beat them even in flip flop, LOL! When you have Eight (8) NCAA Basketball Championships under your belt, a little bragging is ok,.

So order your sports related cake pops and cookie pops for your next event.

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Edible Roses: Cake Pop Roses or Strawberry Roses

Who wouldn't want to receive edible roses? Duh! Enough of that, lol. Well, I have two options for you. First, are my signature Strawberry Roses. Sure anyone can make chocolate dipped strawberries, but these are made to resemble actual roses! I had to start by coloring my bamboo sticks green for a more authentic look. Of course, I wash and dry these babies very carefully so they don't become water lodged. You see chocolate and water do not mix! Not even a drop!  Once they are dry I can begin my dipping and decorating process. Remember this is a healthy option, approved by this nutritionist, ha,ha.

 My second option for roses are cake pop roses. Of course, I first make my cake balls, then follow a similar process. I even include a leaf on them for a more "real" look.

Roses make a great gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's, Anniversaries or any day! UPDATE Now on Facebook, please visit my page and LIKE. I am trying to get 400 LIKES and that is the best compliment you can give me. Thank you, gracias, спасибо, dank, merci, grazie, obrigado ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot off the press Cake Pops & Cookie Pops

Busy day today trying to move over my Cake Pop stuff from my other blog to this blog. The last couple of days were spent creating new cake pop & cookie pop designs. I just love it! I worked on a green alien, Disney's Sorcerer's hat, Minnie Mouse, cupcake, ballet slippers, flip flops and some undies. Yes, the last one I came up with the idea after seeing a cookie pop in the shape of a heart decorated as women's underwear! It is going to be great for Valentine's Day. I just had to make more babies! I also did bowling pins and bowling balls. I'll give you a sneak peak. Email me to order your cake & cookie pops!

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Australian Inspired Cake Pops

The bad thing about being sick and in bed is that my silly IPhone doesn't stop me from working! Ok, so I was looking for some inspiration from Australia, for a cake pop flavor. My new flavor will be banana chocolate macadamia or "The Aussie" consisting of banana cake dipped in chocolate and covered with macadamia nuts. I can't wait to make it but Most importantly to try it! I will keep you guys posted. Now, to watch my man, Jim Caviezel in "Person of Interest", I love that man! I met him once and he is such a good man, good thing my husband is not the jealous type, lol.

Getting more creative with cake pops!

Boy o boy have I made cake pops since my last post! I did some Winter Wonderland ones with swirls in white & blue and then sprinkled them with sugar crystals for a Christmas party we attended. They were a hit! I also made chocolate gingerbread men, real cute, if I must say.

The more I make these the more ideas I get for new designs, and that's a good thing. I made snowmen with hats and some with ear muffs, I remember wearing those things in CT, lol. I even came up with some with themes of Hannakuh, Kwanza and Three Kings, something for everyone! I was especially proud of the New Year's ones which were the Times Square Ball dropping, I came up with it all by myself, thank you very much! I did babies with bonnets that are adorable and rattles. I made red and green apples with stems and leaves, I had a ball making these! So, eat your apples for a healthy snack and have my apple cake pop when you have a dessert craving. I also made baseballs and popcorn great for sports related get-togethers or for movie night.

When we were in CT I asked my sister and her family to give me the flavor of a cake pop they would like to try. So, my task was to come up with German Chocolate, Coconut Almond Joy and Pineapple, yummy! I also promised an Aunt some carrot cake ones and with some of that mix I made Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my). Lastly I have been experimenting with cookie pops, not as time and labor intensive. They are made with a sandwich type cookie like Oreos, the crunch when you bite into it is amazing and satisfying. I will be offering those dipped with drizzle or sprinkle for $1 each or decorated for $1.50 each with a 1 dozen minimum. I also bought some Nutter Butter cookies and will be coming up for designs for those, so stay tune.

And, in case you forgot the regular price for cake pops with a drizzle or sprinkles is $2 each and 2.50 for the decorated ones or alcohol containing. Lastly for anything that is more difficult it's $3. These are also a 1 dozen minimum. While I was doing my research on my competition, I discovered someone charging $4 for a Minnie Mouse cake pop, my version is $2.50 for now! I also found someone selling a sprinkled cake pop for $8, which I think is totally insane! I have thought long and hard before setting my prices so they could be fair.

Shipping is USPS Priority $5 -$10 depending on box size I need, I can also do USPS EXPRESS if anyone wants to.

I am just starting to toy around the idea of making chocolate covered strawberries! I do live close to Strawberry Winter Capital, Plant City Florida. Would anyone be interested?

If anyone wants a particular design just ask if I can make it. Over the next months I will continue to post pics of my creations. Please consult me so we can brainstorm any idea you might have. Also remember you get to pick the flavor of cake, frosting and coating you want.
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Have Your Cake & Eat It Too: Cake Pops

Norma's Cake Pops

As a Nutritionist, I struggle with healthy eating just like you. The only way I see how to do this is approaching healthy eating on a per meal/snack basis.

And, it all starts with a great breakfast to get your metabolism going after fasting all night. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I can eat it at any time. What I try to do is pair a whole grain food with fruit and little protein. For my snack I pick seasonal fruit, peanut butter crackers, yogurt, or something like that. I do pretty good.

Most of the time I make good choices for lunch as I don't fry. I don't know how my body would react to fried foods, after giving up that practice for over 20 years. So lunch is usually a sandwich or a healthy salad when I'm on my toes, which I haven't been lately, lol. It is after this meal that I get my sweet tooth. So I give it fruit or yogurt, or have to admit, even hot fudge sundae, sometimes. I love my sweets too!

At dinner we eat a healthy family meal most of the time and again I get that sweet tooth.So I think, what can I eat that doesn't do too much damage? And guess what I came across? People talking about cake pops, cake balls, lollicakes and cake truffles, all the same. You might already have enjoyed this delicious treat. For those of you not familiar with it, let me explain. Cake pops are made by taking a baked cake, crumbling it, adding icing to it and forming it into balls. The balls later get coated with candy coating or chocolate. What's great about them is their size. Many people have compared them to truffles for their richness (sweetness to me). I find if I eat 1 or 2 it'll take care of my cravings. But if you are not careful you can eat half a dozen.

Coquito AKA PR Eggnog

So there you have it, now you can have your cake and eat it too. And the best news of all is I'm making them and selling them! I will be taking orders and selling them as a dozen. So far I have made COQUITO AKA Puerto Rican Eggnog, Piña Colada, Red Velvet and Death by Chocolate. The first two flavors contain Bacardi Rum and selling at $30 dozen and the non-alcohol flavors are $24 per dozen. Expensive you'd think but that's lower than most people charge for them. They are a long process to make, but since I enjoy baking, it's a good match for me. And besides this girl has to eat and feed a family, lol. "When you eat my treats, I eat".

Death by Chocolate
So order your Cake Pops from Norma's Sweet Treats by emailing me. I will soon be setting up a Mercant PayPal account for your convenience.