Thursday, June 28, 2012

Norma's Sweet Treats on Facebook

LIKE my new Facebook PAGE, Norma's Sweet Treats, so you can get pictures of my latest cake pop designs delivered to you, right on your news feed. These days I find myself first putting new designs on my Facebook PAGE. For example, yesterday I created a new baby design, snapped a picture and quickly posted it to Facebook. My son looks at the babies and says, "Mom, you should do a hospital nursery." I think about it for a minute, to see how I can display them laying down instead of upright, and the light bulb goes off! We go to the store to buy something so I can achieve my goal. Came home, did my thing and posted the picture on Facebook during the evening. By the time I went to bed it had reached 100 people! I was very pleased with my Quads sleeping in the Nursery. If you want to see them please go to my Facebook page and LIKE. I am trying to get 400 LIKES and that is the best compliment you can give me. Thank you, gracias, спасибо, dank, merci, grazie, obrigado ...

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