Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too: Cake Pops

Norma's Cake Pops

As a Nutritionist, I struggle with healthy eating just like you. The only way I see how to do this is approaching healthy eating on a per meal/snack basis.

And, it all starts with a great breakfast to get your metabolism going after fasting all night. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I can eat it at any time. What I try to do is pair a whole grain food with fruit and little protein. For my snack I pick seasonal fruit, peanut butter crackers, yogurt, or something like that. I do pretty good.

Most of the time I make good choices for lunch as I don't fry. I don't know how my body would react to fried foods, after giving up that practice for over 20 years. So lunch is usually a sandwich or a healthy salad when I'm on my toes, which I haven't been lately, lol. It is after this meal that I get my sweet tooth. So I give it fruit or yogurt, or have to admit, even hot fudge sundae, sometimes. I love my sweets too!

At dinner we eat a healthy family meal most of the time and again I get that sweet tooth.So I think, what can I eat that doesn't do too much damage? And guess what I came across? People talking about cake pops, cake balls, lollicakes and cake truffles, all the same. You might already have enjoyed this delicious treat. For those of you not familiar with it, let me explain. Cake pops are made by taking a baked cake, crumbling it, adding icing to it and forming it into balls. The balls later get coated with candy coating or chocolate. What's great about them is their size. Many people have compared them to truffles for their richness (sweetness to me). I find if I eat 1 or 2 it'll take care of my cravings. But if you are not careful you can eat half a dozen.

Coquito AKA PR Eggnog

So there you have it, now you can have your cake and eat it too. And the best news of all is I'm making them and selling them! I will be taking orders and selling them as a dozen. So far I have made COQUITO AKA Puerto Rican Eggnog, PiƱa Colada, Red Velvet and Death by Chocolate. The first two flavors contain Bacardi Rum and selling at $30 dozen and the non-alcohol flavors are $24 per dozen. Expensive you'd think but that's lower than most people charge for them. They are a long process to make, but since I enjoy baking, it's a good match for me. And besides this girl has to eat and feed a family, lol. "When you eat my treats, I eat".

Death by Chocolate
So order your Cake Pops from Norma's Sweet Treats by emailing me. I will soon be setting up a Mercant PayPal account for your convenience.

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